Who am I ?

I am the friend who puts a smile on your face in your darkest hours. I am the student who dedicates his time not to achieve perfection but to reach his full potential as a human being. I am the guy who traveled to many cities in search of cultural glory. I am the uncle who is distant but not very distant. I am the brother who is both loved and not so loved. I am the son true to his faith. I am the Journalist, seeking longevity through stories rather than temporary afflictions. I am my flock.

As we redefine stories in this Golden Era of technology, I strive to use the essence of my being to empower the voiceless while maintaining transparency.

I am shy, and you might be thinking, “what a trait for a journalist.” I’ve always been bubbly and inquisitive, somewhat nosey. From a tender age, I realized that I liked writing but never loved it, so I never honed it until migrating to the United States.

Since the start of my journalistic career in 2019 while attending The New School, I have consistently been asked, who am I? 

And the answer is: 

I am growing.

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